This is a backdated post for Day 5 of Photo a day challenge, which ended up becoming three photos a day challenge 🙂 😉

I battled with this picture more than any other challenge so far. Just could not find a bird to photograph all day until I saw these two trying to pick up crumbs of food at the gym, tiny birds but hey they are birds nonetheless 😉

 Looking for lunch!

Then I got home and tried harder, and voila I found birds (guess if you look hard enough you would find what you are looking for – lesson learnt).

The not so tiny (I actually don’t like these birds as they make a horrible not so nice crying type noise). First time I heard the noise I thought someone had dropped a baby in my garden (it’s that bad) 😦 😦

 Crying Bird

And the silhouette of two love birds (they looked like love birds to me). This is my favourite picture of the three 🙂


2 responses to “Bird…

  1. That second one looks like a hadida to me. There’s a flock of them living on my neighbour’s roof. You can set your watch to them! Half past five they take off like their behinds are on fire…every day. Grrr!

    • Is that what they are called? Hmmm, now I know. You can imagine the cries one Saturday morning when one of my dog “mistakenly” or not killed one of them. We woke up in a fright 😦 the one cried and cried (they are usually in pairs I think) until my hubby got rid of the body of the dead one.

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