Another backdated post for day 6 of the May Photo a day challenge. (Three photo a day more like it)

Unlike the day 5 challenge, this was easy peasy, the challenge was more on deciding which of the numerous pictures of myself I would use (Yep, I take loads of pictures of myself almost everyday, I am sure I’m not the only one that does this, or at least I hope)

I decided to go with these. Same picture btw.

In Colour (before any processing)


B&W (processed)

Interesting take on a self-portrait, if you ask me, but hey it’s a picture of me taken by me   😉

What do you think? Did you join the challenge?


2 responses to “You….

  1. Taking self portraits is actually damn hard.

    • Not if you are using a phone!!! With the big DSLR cameras yes, it is more than damn hard (i tried that once and it was a tussle between breaking my arm or the camera)

      With a phone very easy (or at least I find it easy). I take self-portraits every single day with my BB (vain me). With iPhone, easy peasy as it has a secondary camera. Maybe I have just mastered the act of taking them

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