Another catch up post. day 12 of the photo a day challenge:

Someone or Something that makes you happy. My hubby, my family, my friends, exercising (yes, it makes me very happy, especially doing advanced step classes), my on and off  (on now) hobby (photography). A lot of things make me happy but I will stick with my hobby and my dog for today’s challenge … 

I recently discovered photo apps that can do magic to simple pictures and I have been spending a lot of my time on this.  Some pictures of my dear dog Caesar:

and this

Getting on in age and now lonely. His companion for the last 7 years Emperor recently passed way, I still get sad when I think about her, she was a handful but a very lovely dog, if you can past her size  😦

Isn’t he adorable.

My one friend said my dogs were as big as horses, exaggeration but I got the message 😉  BTW, I don’t do small dogs, always scared  I would step on it or worse still one of the big dogs would eat them up. Emperor liked being the centre of attention (typical female). Plus I can’t stand the yapping of smaller dogs, bark if you have to but yapping irks me 🙂  😉

A picture of Emperor before she got sick.

Yep, Emperor is female, we choose the name before we got the dog and decided to leave it as is even after we found out our puppy was a she and not he. Much like naming your unborn child  Charlie or Jimi, then finding out it is a girl …


A random picture, a lily with an orange Gerber daisy peaking through

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