I am about 4 days behind on this photo a day challenge, but hopefully I will catch up today. That means multiple posts.  I have been very busy with work, off sick and  my new hobby (or hubby as I told my friend in error, of course she had a fright) so no time to blog or read blogs. I have been taking the pictures just no time to post…

Day 11’s  (11/05/2012) challenge was Kitchen. Should have been easy peasy since I like love cooking, but  it wasn’t as easy, because I wanted to show a picture or two of what could have been my great-grandmum’s kitchen .  I trawled the internet and found the first 2 pictures.  Times have changed, a LOT  

Here goes my pictures, multiple as usual

This could have been my great-grandmum’s kitchen

Or this:

Of course you know it is not, but you get the idea  🙂

Imagine the smoke, wonder how come people from that era didn’t die from smoke inhalation!!!

This is just above my stove, far cry from the days of open fires

Proof that it is really in a kitchen:

Our version of open fire, is grilling meat on an open fire on special occasions. In my part of the world it is called a “Braai”, in most other parts it is called a BBQ – Barbeque. Whatever the name is called, the result is the same yummy treats (whatever you choose to cook on it)

Hmmmmmm, sad it is only just Monday


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