Yum, day 17’s challenge is snack {something you’re eating as a snack}.

What I would really like to be eating as a snack, a yummy baked cheesecake or a double chewy brownie. However, seeing that I need to shed a little lots of weight, I would be having these at snack time. Breakfast is just over in my part of the world,  snack time would probably be in another 2 hours. Come snack time, I know what I would be eating. Would I be able to post just one picture today, I am trying to decide. Fingers and toes crossed 🙂

I present to you my gorgeous snack for the day. Enjoying the last of the summer fruits (I am in the Southern Hemisphere) winter is knocking, this means the summer fruits are off the shelves, save for these. I am hanging on and enjoying every last bit of it in all colours and varieties I can find – red (or not so red), black, green, purple (some look purple to me) , seeded, seedless. No more luxury of being partial to a particular variety. You can already guess what this snack is.  The best wines start off as this gorgeous fruit, I have been told . I am a teetotaler so I can’t vouch for the best wine story 😉

Enough rambling, here goes my yummy  SNACK

Fingers and Toes can be uncrossed, I am posting a second picture (not surprising).

I was playing with flash, so the first picture was with flash against a cream background (I love the shadow) and the second picture was without flash against a black background

 In whatever form you choose to have your grapes, enjoy it!!!


Proof that I enjoyed mine 😉

Double YUM


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