I am way way way way way behind on this challenge but I am definitely going to finish what I started. 

There will be loads of back-dated posts to catch up in the next few days, only 2 and half days until the month ends

Day 19’s post is a favourite place {a place you love being in}

I know for sure that I like being anywhere there are photo ops. I have said it more than once that I love love love love love love love love being behind and in front of a camera   🙂    🙂      😉  

I discovered a few years ago that I love rolling hills and mountains, grasslands. Most people crave the beach (which I also like as there are many picture ops there too) but give me rolling hills any day. Maybe it is because I grew up around the beach. As a family we used to go to the beach almost every other weekend when I was growing up, must be a case of being there done that.  Which probably explains my indifference to the beach now.

These pictures were from last year when I visited the Wellington in Cape Winelands.

Same view much later in the day

A Different location but within the same vicinity next day

Another (check out the clear blue sky)

Don’t you just love the views. I would not mind waking up to this every morning. Pictures all taken with my phone and no  touch ups


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