Another catch up.


Day 20 is something you can’t live without {something you’d rather not go without in your life}

I have said it so many times, this would be my hubby, my family, my friends. But since it is a thing, I would have to choose THE ROCK!!!

Yes I love rocks, but I am 100% certain it is not the type you are thinking about.


I present my ROCK


This is the rock I would rather not go without…


Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! I am pretty certain I got your fooled for a minute or so there…. This is where if this was on my BB, I would insert a “hand covering face”  smiley . Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to chew ice, irrespective of the weather. I only drink water if there is ice in it, it  makes water taste that much better (YES, IT DOES)

It is just aqua on the rocks (LOL).


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