Another catch up, yes I am that far behind:

Day 21’s challenge is where you stand {take a photo of where you’re standing}

This was kind of easy as I took the challenge literally and took a picture of  me at the train station on the way to work in the morning and yes today I am posting one picture (unusual)

Yes that is tar on the ground and that is my feet in my “sensible shoes” – If you see me in the morning or evening on the way to the train station chances are you will see me wearing flat shoes,  as I usually have to run/rush to the catch the train and I would not be caught dead running in heels – though I wear heels during the day


Not posting one picture. I remembered this picture I took a few weeks back and I had to post it as it totally fits this challenge

I love walking and I enter walks on a regular basis. This was taken on an eco trail run, but I walked the whole 10km


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