The catch up continues. Day 23’s challenge is technology {something that uses technology}

Almost everything around us today uses technology, wonder what life was like before all these:  simpler, tougher (maybe not)

Since this is a photo challenge and we already established I love photography, today’s post will be pictures of my work area.

The dog in the picture is my colleague’s (remember I mentioned I don’t do small dogs, but he is so CUTE). Isn’t technology amazing she lives in New York, I live on the other side of the world in South Africa, but I have a picture of her dog on my computer. Thanks E for sending me this beautiful picture of Bill. I had a picture of Bill as my screen saver for a few days. Bill was all spruced up for E’s granddad’s visit. How did I know, technology, E and I were chatting on Office Communicator (the days of snail mails are long forgotten)

Another picture of my  work area: Technology all around: Pen, Calculator, Computer, Telephone. And I took the pictures with my phone. Another result of technology

Quite messy, but it shows you I work very hard, depends on how you choose to look at it. I have a colleague who says you are either working hard or hardly working? Good question


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