It seems I am getting hooked on the photo a day challenge. It’s June and that means a new challenge.

The list is from Fatmumslim and can be accessed at

Day 1’s challenge is Morning.

I am not a morning person… YAY I finally admitted 🙂  That said, I still get a lot done in the morning, I just don’t like unnecessary chit-chat in the mornings. Takes me about 2 to 3 hours after waking up to get all chirpy.

I do have loads of pictures taken in the  morning (which is not surprising since I love Sunrise and Sunsets)

This was taken a while back, isn’t it such a beautiful view to start the morning


The train coming into the station signals a start to my day – off the work to earn my pay for the day

Is it just me, but I don’t like the changes made to WordPress with regards to uploading pictures…. Now I have to rotate every picture and it is driving me nuts. Don’t second guess how I want my pictures WP

2 responses to “Morning…

  1. I really like both of these pictures! 🙂

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