Day 3’s photo a day challenge is “on your plate”. I like this as I have a habit of taking pictures of food. Sometimes even on other people’s plate. I always ask though before I take the picture, as I don’t want to freak people out before they wonder what I want to do with their food…..

I met up with a friend and this was what was on my plate. Makes me hungry looking at it all over again. Grilled fish with hot lemon chilli sauce (I requested for extra chopped chilli), rice and vegetables. I love fish. I am the person who would go to a steak house and ask if there is fish on the menu  😉

It’s Thai food, my best Asian food btw. I would love to try out Thai food made by a Thai – wonder if it would be different. I remember once I was telling my Chinese colleague how much I like Chinese food, his response real Chinese food or the Americanized version? Hence, the reason I want to try out Thai food made by a Thai person probably in Thailand as well to ensure it is not adulterated

2 responses to “Yum…

  1. That looks delicious!

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