I started this post yesterday and gave up because WP was acting up. First the picture was coming up in the wrong direction and then my internet connection was driving me crazy, but I choose to blame it all on WP.  I never had this issue until they changed the way pictures come up when posted. I am seriously considering moving from WP (and I have just started using it), if it takes this long just to post one picture and we all know I love to post multiple pictures.

Challenge for day 6 is HAT. Coincidentally I bought these yesterday for my friend’s unborn baby

(I hope it’s a boy, since I bought blue, but the blue is so cool that even a baby girl can pull it off, right?) Isn’t the set just cute? Doesn’t  it make you feel all broody and want a little one of your own (MAYBE NOT). I love the colour and love love love the beanie and the booties. Hard to believe anyone can fit into these tiny things. If the hat fits, wear it    🙂     😉


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