Really, how do you choose a favourite picture you have ever taken, when you take loads and loads of pictures almost every other day.  I can but I wont 

😦   😉 

This feels like asking a mother to choose her favourite child.  I absolutely refuse to pick a favourite picture.  You know  that means, an EXPLOSION of ECLECTIC mix of pictures 

😉     😉   🙂   🙂  😉     😉   🙂   🙂  😉     😉   🙂   🙂  😉     😉   🙂   🙂 


From my archive in the last one year, some pictures taken by my humble self that made the favourite picture list. 

Bear in mind you might have seen some of these before

This rose is one of the few pictures I have posted taken with a proper camera.


Morning sun peeking through the trees


Mrs FF



Giant Red Peppers


Unusual! Normally, there is back to back traffic on this road.

Water Fountain at the Zoo Lake


Pretty Garden and View of Pretoria from the Union Building

Cape Winelands



Ending on a good note

Glorious Sunset


You definitely know that a picture of the sun would make the fave pictures list. 

 BTW, these are my favourite pictures right now. If you ask me in a few minutes, I would have a different set



4 responses to “Fave…

  1. These are all beautiful!

  2. I found you! Honestly? I can’t choose a favourite out of this set. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. You are really good!

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