Challenge for Day 21 was where you slept.

There are 8 pillows on my bed! No big deal. The interesting thing is only one gets used daily. Yes just one. My hubby yanks everything off the bed and I sleep with the same one everyday, but every morning without fail, all 8 pillows are back on the bed


4 responses to “Pillows…

  1. Pillows are pretty…..a bed must have them on…smile

  2. 8?! Wow…that’s quite a lot! I have 4 at the moment, but I have been known to go up to 5 or 6 on occasion, but it annoys me to take them off and put them back on again, so I eventually trashed the ones I wasn’t actually using to sleep.

    • Picture a queen sized bed with just one pillow!!! That would be my bed if we trashed what isn’t being used. So I have resorted to taking them off each evening and putting them back every morning looking pretty 🙂 😉

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