As always I am kind of behind again, not so bad this time around just 4 days behind.  So a quick catch up

The challenge for Day 22 (which also happens to be my darling mum’s birthday) was “from a high angle”

This was going to be a toughee since my favourite pictures to take is the sun set which means I take pictures from a low angle, but as luck would have it, my sister and I decided to have lunch at a restaurant perched on a bridge across a highway.  And you know what that means, picture opportunity.  YAY!!! 

Across the Highway


On the Highway

It was an interesting experience as we  I thought I would dock and dive every time a vehicle drove past, but I am happy to report none of that happened. Enjoyed my meal without any traffic incidents.

Another picture from a high place. View of the road from my office.

Busy Road

Remember my grip with WordPress, well this is the result when WP tries to predict how I want my pictures based on how I took them  😦   😦

PS: I will rotate them tomorrow (it’s 26th June today), but for today this will have to do

UPDATE 27th JUne : I have rotated the pictures and they look right again now.


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