Another catch up post. This is for day 23 of the challenge (I am 4 days behind again)

The challenge for Day 23 was MOVEMENT

Below are my movement pictures

Winter Sky

Grey Sky with Silver Lining

Same view as above about 2 hours later.  The grey “moved” (LOL)

Still grey, but not as much

The sun did come out much later, but I was too lazy to take a picture (yes, I was lazy) and I was not at that spot again. I made sure the lamp-post showed, so you can see it was the same spot.


Speed Racer


Do you see what I see??? (this was said in a sing-song fashion in my mind). This is what you get when you take pictures with a phone in a moving vehicle. As usual I was trying to take a picture of the sky when the cars drove past. Not intentional, but came out nice…

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