Day 27 of the photo a day challenge for June is BATHROOM. Wondering how that is related to a farm. Well it is, at least kind of …

In January, my hubby and I got invited to a 40th Birthday at a dairy farm restaurant. The view was amazing, but I am no farm girl, so the thought of eating while looking at cows and bulls was a bit too much (and the smell). As luck would have it, it started to rain very hard so we had to go indoors.

Lots of fun and laughter with friends, until it was time for a bathroom break.

I get to where I have been told the bath is and behold what I find

Cows, Really


I had to crack my brain  to figure which is male and which is female (really). I felt quite slow that it didn’t come to me right away but after a few head turns right and left  (repeated a couple of times) I figured it out eventually and did not encounter any bulls  once I got in

     🙂          🙂     🙂   

Smart signs and quite appropriate for a dairy farm.  I hope you are sharper than I am if you ever encounter these clever signs.


See I told you, Bathroom and Farm are related (LOL)


2 responses to “Farm…

  1. Very cute…had a good giggle

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