A rare gem was born 34 years ago at this time 😉
At least that’s what my mama said, and I’m certain a mama never forgets the time her baby was born!!! You know I’m not talking about the chair, right 😉

Yep, it’s my birthday so I’ll share a few things you might not know about me I like the numbers 2 and 7 and July is my favourite month. SURPRISE, NOT (нaнaнaнaнa). Plus I like a low key birthday. Bet you didn’t know that!!!

What I want for my birthday this year is a gorgeous pair of shoes (a girl can never have enough), a DSLR camera, but what I need is good health and that is what I’m asking for GOOD HEALTH

Here’s wishing a sick me a very happy birthday.

I saw this gem a few weeks ago, ain’t she a beauty, just like me. I’m allowed to be vain on my birthday 🙂

A rare gem!!!

A rare gem!!!


11 responses to “2.22am…

  1. Happy birthday! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Happy happy birthday…really hope you are feeling better

  3. I’m sorry that you are sick on your birthday but a big Happy Birthday to you.

  4. Happy happy Birthday! Here’s wishing you heaps of great health – and that DSLR

  5. Happy, Happy birthday dear. I hope that it was fantastic, despite the fact that you were sick. Sorry to only wish you now, have not been doing much commenting lately. I blame winter and Rose.
    I was actually born at 14:30 in the afternoon! I honestly don’t know anyone else who was born in the afternoon.
    Seriously. I wish for you a fantastic year ahead. Much love.

    • Thanks Julia. Poor winter and Rose, just blame it all on them 😉

      I wish you a fantastic year too and a year of fulfilled dreams

    • PS I am quite certain all my 3 siblings were born in the afternoon. Hmmm, need to ask my mum. Remember coming back from school and having to go to the hospital as mum had just had a baby many many moons ago 🙂

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