Olympics (1)…

Pure Gold, Pure Celebration! A new South Africa

Pure Gold, Pure Celebration! A new South Africa

This Summer Olympics season I have watched more swimming events than I have my entire life (I’m an athletics baby, think sprint races) partly because I’m on leave but mostly because South Africa (SA) has many swimmers competing and it helps that 2 gold medals (one was a World Record win) have been won. Not fantastic by some standards (think US and China) but I celebrate winners.

There are still some games I don’t think I would watch but I’ve learnt to never say never (confession I watched men’s air shooting, think that’s what it is called and I enjoyed it greatly, who knew that was a sport)

But… that’s not the reason for this post..

It’s the rowing team. The team came from behind to win gold. GREAT. The celebration was hmmmmmm for lack of a better adjective to describe it. If in doubt check out the picture above. That was a picture of 3 men. Enough said 🙂 😉

But… that’s still not the reason for this post.

The reason for this post is that the team is comprised of 3 Caucasian and 1 African man. All South Africans of course. Not a big deal in some countries but if you know the history of SA, you know that is HUGE, BIG, HUMONGOUS.

CONGRATS guys… Nice to hear the SA anthem being played again at the games.

Got to go, swimming is about to start 😉

SA Men's Rowing team at the Medal Ceremony

SA Men’s Rowing team at the Medal Ceremony


10 responses to “Olympics (1)…

  1. Big congrats to them indeed. Make me proud to be a South African

    • SA is doing well so far. The rowing team was very impressive. I don’t even think they were in contention midway through the race.

      Hope you had a wonderful birthday?

  2. Gosh I am LOVING the Olympics. That rowing was something else!

    • I actually didn’t watch much in 2008 because of the time difference. And now athletics has started so I’m a very happy camper at the moment.

      That rowing was very interesting, though it was sad the commentator confused SA for Australia (I think)

  3. Thanks so much for the awesome comment… 🙂

    And how awesome are we doing at the Olympics??? Loving it!

  4. It was truely amazing to see these men working together to make our entire country ache with pride!! X

  5. Oh I loved seeing them win! They were awesome

  6. well hello, you’ve eventually started the blog! we had “words” in the office today on whether Castor wanted to win or not. Can you guess what I said?

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