Can you see the lake? I’m sure NOT


Sad, this used to be a lake. Sob, Sob

Very sad but this used to a proper lake once upon a time    😦      😦

Is this a sign of global warming or just bad luck or bad management???? I would say the last option  😦


11 responses to “Lake???

  1. Sad story of huge mismanagement

  2. I think bad management….sad hey

  3. PS…sorry to hear about the lap…

  4. Do you know why the lake is no more? It’s because they are planning to build the biggest building in Africa in the middle of the Lake. The next “World trade center” type of building. That’s why there is no more lake.
    I remember, as a kid, we used to go and watch the show of water lights here. Now my kids can’t experience that 😦

  5. That’s frightening!! I am very passionate about our waterways 😦

  6. I was going to say that it will probably fill up again a bit when the rainy season starts, but then I saw that you were talking about this big building that they want in that spot.

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