When   Marcia and Mandy  blogged about doing a Saturday  “photo challenge” in September  I couldn’t resist. Yeah I know, who am I deceiving, I grab any and every opportunity to take pictures and this was no different.

The main challenge with this challenge is to post 5 pictures. Really I only post less than 5 pictures if I am posting from my phone.  You know what that means,  hmmmmm, I cheated a bit. I did take lots of pictures and played with colour. Though technically I am only posting 5 pictures.

The theme for Saturday 1st September is COLOUR or COLOR (depending on which side of the world you live in). Which in the Southern Hemisphere is very apt as Spring officially starts today and when I think of Spring, I think COLOUR (ok I think lots of sneezing)

Enough talking, time for pictures

I took the first  and third pictures when I went on a 1 hr walk this morning (instead of my usual Yoga or Step class)

Playing with the settings on my camera

Same picture, in 3 different colours. Taken in my garden this morning

Spring is in the air

I saw this car 2 months ago in my local shopping center, you can bet it was  the centre of attention (an rightfully so)

Take a drive on the orange side of life

And this is a picture of my colleague taken 2 days ago, don’t you just love the shoes (I wouldn’t wear them, but they are eye-catching)

Walking in Colour, literally

I cheated by posting more than  5 pictures sorry Marcia and Mandy, but according to the “rules” of the game, the pictures can be old pictures….

In case you want to join in, you can see the themes for the rest of the month and the rules of the game here September Saturday Snapshots

1 Sept – Colour (or color for the non-UK English speakers :)) – specific colours/ monotone/absences of colour
8 Sept – textures and patterns
15 Sept – sound (this is going to be fun – interpret as you wish)
22 Sept – letters
29 Sept – dirty/ messy

Hope your weekend is going as planned so far?

12 responses to “Colour…

  1. Those are some colorful shoes!! I absolutely love the the first two. I’m a sucker for nature shots and the subtle contrast between color and mono can really make a picture.

    Thanks for playing along!

    • Thanks Mandy. I love nature shots too almost to the point of obsession. I can’t see myself wearing such colourful shoes but it was perfect for “our” theme 😉

  2. The clivias are my favorite and I would love those shoes, if only they were in more sensible heels. I love coloured shoes

  3. the shoes are so much fun… if you can run around in those heels 🙂

    I love the orange car – too darn cool – I’d love to take some pics on it so the orange makes a nice background blur…

    Thanks for playing along!

    • Hmmmm, taking a picture against the orange car would be nice!!!!

      I am enjoying the challenge. I’m already thinking of pictures to take for the next challenge

  4. I really should try do this… sometime… lovely shots! X

  5. Those clivias are gorgeous, as is that old car! The shoes are a bit wild for me… 😉

  6. Oh I do love clivias… and like you, the shoes are not for me 🙂

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