When it rains…

… it rains ice, literally   🙂   😉

Hailstones. Taken in front of my office yesterday afternoon

More Hailstones

Hailstones close up. Yep, that was ice from the sky.

Raindrops on Roses (I wish).  Raindrops on my car    🙂  😉

…  people forget their driving manners  and lessons anytime there is a heavy downpour . I wonder why?

Rush hour traffic on a rainy day  in front of my office 😦

Sunset on a very rainy and gloomy day

Hope you have a nice and restful weekend



6 responses to “When it rains…

  1. We all know why – because people get nervous when they have to drive in wet weather or darkness (like yesterday’s weather). Not all can see in the rain either, makes them dangerous drivers as well.

    • Really.Good to know. I always wondered. And that’s quite scary. Explains the double digits number of accidents on the roads yesterday. Definitely would keep using the train

  2. You too! I love that hubby is now on the Gautrain on not the N1 in the rain

  3. Wow, you had some massive hailstones! We just had a few small ones and then followed by some heavy rain here.

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