Texture & Patterns…

It’s Saturday and that means it is time for September Saturday Snapshots and again I am joining Marcia and Mandy . The theme this week is Texture and Patterns. Last Saturday’s post is HERE

A sky of fluffy cotton balls

Wellies to beat the rain and with the rains we have had these past few days, wellies would definitely come in handy (or leggy)

Yes, it was very yummy (thanks for asking) and bursting with flavours

A wall of glass bottles, tread carefully, very carefully

Wonder if anyone ever sits on this bench

This week I am going to cheat (by posting more than 5 pictures) just because I can and I know that I won’t have time to blog for a few days.

Some extras

This bench is right next to the colourful one above

Some cake for the soul or hips (you decide)
😉 🙂

Very popular sight around this parts. Lovely brick wall. Just make sure you don’t play too rough around it because you will end up with bruises 😉

Wish I could be a kid again so I can wear these fun patterns, without wondering if I look like a clown

Close Up. Very Very Bright

8 responses to “Texture & Patterns…

  1. love the bricks!

    And stop cheating 🙂 there’s a very nice quote that goes something like perfection is when there’s nothing left to take away 🙂

  2. Wow! Some awesome textures and patterns in those photos! Really need to get my a into g and do this, still have a couple of Saturdays left!

  3. Those boots are fantastic! I’d wear those polka dot ones even if I did look like a clown.

  4. Well, I kinda cheated too … I went from nearly 60 that I loved down to 11, and they all either held a special memory or I though they just looked really neat.

    LOVED the boots!

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