Saturday again and it is time for September Saturday Snapshots with Marcia and Mandy . The last two posts for this fun challenge are HERE and HERE.

On my honour, I am sticking to the rules this week. Which is to post 5 pictures. Yikes that is such a tough thing to do, but a promise is a promise and I have to follow the rules. I like to keep to my words.

How do you take pictures that reflect SOUND ?

Without further ado my take on this theme

Peace, be still. I love silence sometimes 😉

Relief on hot spring day! Actually it was a very HOOOOOOOOT winter day. Ironic, but true 🙂

sound of summer!!!

Seriously these dogs where barking so much I had a fright, but hey I have three of my own too. NOT SCARED 😉


Disco night anyone?


Hope you are playing along as well.

Have a nice and restful weekend



8 responses to “Sound…

  1. very nice! I love the sounds of summer – the swimming pool is just such a signal for summer, isn’t it?

    but my favourite is your sounds of silence. And I’m sure there was a bird or two just doing a little chirp in the distance 🙂 where is that?

  2. I tried sooo desperately to get a “silence” picture but you have nailed it!
    Thanks for playing along!

  3. Love that hot winter day one! 🙂

  4. Thanks Louisa, I love it too. It reeks of pure relief and excitement

  5. I also love the sound of summer:-) I am so over the winter.

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