Words & Letters…

Saturday, so you know what it means

Time for  September Saturday Snapshots  with Marcia and Mandy (Saturday Snapshots with M&M) (does this not make you feel like eating M&Ms?)

Anyway, back to the pictures.  The challenge with this particular challenge was narrowing down the pictures from the tonnes I had that fit the bill…

My 5 pictures for the week

Saw this when I stopped by the Glass shop a few weeks and I just couldn’t resist sneaking a picture

All the time, He is faithful

Taken at the train station drop off lane… I see this sign twice almost every working day of the week. Hmmmmm, very interesting, what do you think?

Corky, but I like very much. Taken this morning before the start of a very wet 5km race. Not sure I would wear a shirt with this written on it, but it sure made me smile    🙂

A birthday card from a very dear friend

Plus 1

A sneak peek  of the content of the card above… sorry Marcia, but I hope you would understand      😉

rest, love, laughter, good food – what else can you ask for on a birthday 🙂 😉

Don’t you like the content? And the writing? Very neat and clear. For me to write like that, I would have to write at snail pace.

One more week until the challenge is over.

The theme for next week is Dirty/Messy

Hope you are having a nice and restful weekend?

10 responses to “Words & Letters…

  1. LOVE all of yours. And yes, Marcia has a BEAUTIFUL handwriting. My weekend has been LOVELY. I did everything I planned to except to go and swim because it rained!

  2. I love all the photos especially that “Grow” picture. Very original

  3. Ooh, I really like the grow and the kiss one. Very cool! 🙂

  4. I love your photos…my favourite is the trainstation drop off lane. Kiss and ride…makes me smile.

  5. Well now, I am a tad embarrassed but it’s your card to do with as you pleased 🙂

    I thought I commented on Sat because I read it on the iphone but clearly not! Thanks for linking up and sharing lovely comments on all the other blogs 🙂 🙂

    I like the scripture one the best! it’s one of my favourites!!! other than the one where His mercies are new EVERY morning (and I say it like that too!)

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