Last Sunday…

…hubby and I went for a Buffet lunch and I have to tell you the food was bad, ok that’s putting it mildly. The food was awful, horrible, terrible. You get the idea  😦

But the View. Please be the judge. There may or may not be some duplication    😉

What do you think?

All pictures taken with my BB and posted as taken, no processing of any kind done, other than to reduce the size before uploading the pictures

Let me tell you what I thought. I would go back there just to soak in the views. Would make a nice place for a picnic or photo walk.  And it is just about 20 minutes away from my house. And I would take a million and one pictures by the time I am done   😉


9 responses to “Last Sunday…

  1. I like surroundings like these as well and just like you, I can just go there and sit while soaking up all this magnificent surroundings.

  2. Where did you go? It’s stunning!

  3. My BB will never take amazing photos like that. I have to use my Canon. What awesome surroundings…I hope it made up for the awful food.


  4. where was it? 🙂 I would never go back, there are gorgeous views in lots of places but food and service has to be good!

  5. I would love to visit South Africa! One day…

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