Dirty & Messy…

Saturday 29th Sept.

Last Saturday for the September Saturday Snapshots  with Marcia and Mandy . I am having withdrawal symptoms already. Sob!!! Sob!!!   😦    😦

The theme for this week is Dirty/Messy

Bad Traffic Day

View from my office though it actually doesn’t look so bad (but it is very very baaaaaad), on days like this, it can take you up to 30 minutes  or even more sometimes to get onto to the main road from the parking lot    😦

Very DIRTY   😦

If you consider that I took this picture at a major intersection. Not good for the city’s image. Thumbs down. You probably would not notice it if you are speeding past in your car though.

Dirt Trail + 10KM Run = This Picture
😉  🙂

Yes, I have braved a few 10KM runs (or walk in my case)

Jumble of lifeless branches and sticks

This tree is massive and is usually green. But since winter just ended it looks like a messy collection of sticks and branches.  Every time I see a tree with no leaves I remember Louisa’s little princess  (I made this pink because her mama says she likes pink and I have seen proof of it) who asked why the tree was angry because there were no leaves on it. Don’t kids just think up the cutest things. Who knew a “leaf-less”  was just plain angry.

Now I have so many pictures of trees with no leaves just for that reason. I guess kids make us appreciate the beauty in things that don’t seem so beautiful

I am sure you are wondering why this is qualifies as dirty or messy.

Well, the main plant is in my neighbour’s garden, it is a crawling plant and we spend so much time clearing it off my garden because it keeps blocking my drain pipe. One man’s food is another man’s poison. Or in this case, one man’s flower is the neighbour’s mess  😦

Have a lovely weekend

6 responses to “Dirty & Messy…

  1. Great take on this photographic challenge. The last picture is pretty and only when I read that the plant blocks your drain can I imagine the mess.

  2. I loved the intersection shot! thanks for linking!

  3. Hehehe, thanks for the mention! Yip, they come up with some strange concepts sometimes, but I love it. My favourite of all your photos this week is the one with the shoes.

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