These look like your regular houses (or not). BUT in my neighbourhood these are unusual abodes for different reasons… 

Exhibit 1

I don’t think I have seen windows in the roof a house until this . I love the contrast of the red roof and the blue sky with a bit of green peeking from behind it. Beautiful

Exhibit 2

Unusual for 2 reasons: Storey building and not a face (exposed) brick building

Exhibit 3

While this is face brick, it has no fence or high wall (I would be scared to live in this house). Maybe it’s a false sense of security but I need need need to have a fence.  Around these parts, very very unusual to have a house without a fence.

Would any of these qualify as unusual in your neighbourhood?

PS: I take random pictures a lot and I always have a response ready in case someone stops me to ask me why I am taking pictures. These were taken while on a walk last week


13 responses to “Unusual…

  1. The first one would be a little out of place in our suburb and is a bit odd. We do have one or 2 without fences though!

  2. The first one looks like it could be suited to a farm or something. The people across the road from my parents have the roof windows too, but not nearly as many. Off hand I can’t think of any houses in our area without fences…there used to be, but not these days.

  3. LOL – I can imagine why you need a response of why you take photos of houses 🙂
    House no 1 & 3 is unusual to me too. Never seen a house with windows in the roof (except in my Sims 3 game – which is the norm in USA) and I would not live in a house which have no fencing as well.

  4. lynettejacobs11

    I like house no 1…reminds me of European homes. In PE and the area we live the houses are mainly facebrick, but many aren’t fenced. The crime rate are still relatively low and people aren’t very security conscious.

  5. I’m from PE like Lynette. And most houses still don’t have a fence 🙂 Lots of facebrick too.

    Where I now live, it’s an old area so no facebrick and everyone has a BIG WALL (nevermind a fence).

    Now the attic houses – DROOOLLLLLL – I have ALWAYS wanted to live in a house with some attic windows.

    What is your response?

    PS i need to write that random picture taking post. And then please chime in because you are worse than I am! 🙂

    • These are all in my neighbourhood 😉 Though they are all unusual and stand out like a sore thumb.

      PS: Now that you say it, I realise I do take loads and loads of random pictures but I can’t be worse than you 🙂

  6. Most houses in Canada don’t have fence – at least in the front. Backyards are usually fenced but not for security reasons – but rather for privacy. Our backyards are tiny and too close to one another.

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