I walked…

… Jozi, almost every one else ran Jozi. A fun and healthy way to spend a sunday morning. My muscle can still feel the difference between doing a 10k and a 5k.

What I liked

  • The race was very well organised
  • The t-shirts were amazeballs. Green and black is such a lovely combo plus they fitted just right (while registering approximate t-shirts measurements were given so you could ensure you got a good fit)
  • Our race numbers were pre-printed on the shirts (which is great, if you do races around here, you know you would usually have to use safety pins to affix them to your t-shirt)
  • The route was great (just enough hills to make it tough but not too tough)
  • Walked on the highway without fear of being run over
  • Collecting the race pack was super efficient (though at one point I wondered if we would be getting some mysterious gift from outer space because of the process involved especially if someone was collecting on your behalf – think formal typed out letter, sent to every participant, you just had to print it out, fill in the details and sign)
  • The route was not revealed until a few days before the race
  • Got RFID tags to check individual race times (need to go to FB to check though)

What I didn’t like:

  • A race on Sunday (in my part of the city our races are on Saturdays, we leave time for visiting the house of the Lord on Sundays 😉 )
  • 9am start in this heat (6am or 7am would have being perfect). Remember I don’t like the summer  heat so anything above 25C is just too hot for this girl  😦
  • Parking too far from the finish line 😦   It felt like I had to walk 5k just to get to my car. Though I am sure it was under 1.5k but after doing a 10k even 500m feels like a very very very long walk and considering bullet point above not a good combination. More than once I felt like I was going to faint. My life saver was the energy drink, I drank 2 bottles (1 litre) before I got to my car
  • I sprained my ankle just at the start (hence the reason I walked), but I finished

Enough ramblings, join me on the race from Sandton  to Sandton through Alex through my lens (Alert, picture overload)

We walked…

I didn’t take this picture (hence the bad quality), but it was too good not to share

20,000 supposedly people registered. Give or take 15,000 people probably took part eventually

We got inked…

We got tattoos 😉

We walked…. (Some of us)

Gearing up, Alex here we come. Notice the pre-printed race numbers on the bottom right of the picture (left for the t-shirt wearer)

How did she survive the heat?  Energy drink to the rescue 🙂

Some even stopped to get their beloved ciggy for a quick nicotine fix 😉

Snapping the Snapper 😉

The photographer had a  laugh when I brought out my camera. I am certain he didn’t expect someone to take a picture of him while he was taking pictures 🙂

The  guy  on the right was too engrossed in his picture-taking with his tablet and chatting to his friends, I can bet he didn’t notice me take his picture

We sought much deserved respite from the blazing sun. This was before the 2k mark. It was hoooooooooooooot

The kids came out to cheer and have fun

The kids on the right (top and bottom) were singing : “you are number one” NO we were not, we were at the back of the race pack 😉   The kids on the bottom right were doing thumbs up and posing for pictures

There were lots of walls like these. The little boy in the top left picture struck a pose when I brought out my camera 🙂

Interesting Colours

Really, don’t have anything to say about this building 😦

The local fire station

Recycling bag. Going Green, Alex style 😉

Taking pictures of their friends on the highway below

Don’t you just love the clear blue sky? Don’t be deceived though, it was hot, hot, hot

And he walked and had fun and he crossed the finish line. A medal and a much deserved energy drink to show for his effort 😉

Home at Last 🙂

Something to show for the effort 😉

Hope you enjoyed the walk? I sure did a lot

13 responses to “I walked…

  1. Well done to you. I think it’s better that you walked – how would you have taken pics if you were running?
    I haven’t done a 10km walk in quite some time. To be honest, those crowds put me off too much. I like to stick to lesser-known events. I was going to do Gun Run in October but I get overwhelmed just thinking of all those people. Are you doing Soweto in December?

    • I try to do a 10k every now and then but never more than 3 or 4 in year. I stick to 5ks and 8ks (lazy me). I actually just block out the crowd and do my own thing 🙂 But I can imagine the crowds put many people off .

      Still trying to decide about Soweto, I thought it was in November

  2. Well done! I want to do it next year

  3. You took awesome photo to document your walk/run. Very cool. Not places I would go without a crowd coming along tho;-)

  4. OMW…Thats looks awesome. Well done

  5. Well done 🙂 It looked like loads of fun!

  6. Well done on your race. I agree, green and black is a good colors together.

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