Red Saturday…

Joining Marcia again for a Monthly Photo Challenge.

The challenge this week is 5 pictures that captures the theme RED

Marcia you know having only 5 is a big big challenge but it also helps to keep me some of us on the straight and narrow

Here are my 5

Yummy Bell Peppers

Snail Mail 🙂

During construction on what is supposed to be the greenest office building in the country.
Taken on the way to work 😉


My favourite chewing gum at the moment.
If only strawberries were really this red and shiny!!!

January on my lovely Afrikaans calendar 🙂


Some red tulips (ROOI TULPE) just for Julia and Blackhuff. I know what rooi means (I live in an area that starts with rooi, so I had to know what it means) and I know what tulips look like 😉 

All pictures taken with my BB 

I am proud of myself for sticking to the rules 😉

Hope your weekend is going as planned?


13 responses to “Red Saturday…

  1. Oh I totally forgot to post for the challenge! Love the postbox

  2. I can almost taste those bell peppers…yum!

  3. (P.S…I FINALLY set up a WordPress account, so now I can FINALLY comment on your blog! 😉 )

  4. I am amazed that your BB takes such pretty photos…mine really sucks. Lovely challenge.

    • Thanks. If outdoors it even takes nicer pictures. And I like to tell my sister I’m just too good a photographer that I can get such lovely pics with a BB (LOL) 😉

  5. Why am I so amazed with this mailbox? It’s gorgeous! Maybe because ours are blue and blah. Great pictures! I need to stop my dependency on my iPhone and start making use of my camera again!

  6. I love that the Americans love our postboxes!!!

    I love the peppers!!! Even though I don’t eat them 🙂

    Thanks for playing along!

    • Yes, and I thought our post boxes are just well post boxes

      Seriously, why? I love peppers, red, green, orange, yellow you name it.

      It’s always fun, looking forward to the November challenge 🙂

  7. Love that one with the peppers in it – it looks so fresh!

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