Another Sunday…

… another race. This week, it was a women’s race and it was fun as always. Though as usual I did more walking than running (truthfully, I walked all through this 5km), how else would I get pictures to show.


The weather was gloomy. I’ll take this over heat any day.
Thank heavens the rain stayed away.

Loads and Loads of people in orange.
Yes, on both sides of the road 😉

Even kids in different kinds of contrapment (not sure this is real word) 😉

Some of our four-legged friends joined in as well

Such colourful hair from our men folk

Tinkerbell anyone? Wings and tutus

Men can take part in the race/walk, but they required to dress in drag (which is not always the case) but it makes for a lot of fun and laughter when they do   😉

Definitely a fun race 😉

Spring is here (if anyone was in doubt), we walked through green tree-lined streets. The weather started clearing up but it was still cool enough to enjoy the walk

Scenery on the route, I think this is the first time I have seen a white picket fence up close (BEAUTIFUL)

Mingling at the finish. It was quite a big crowd

Start, Finish and my MEDAL

Can you tell, I take part in these races/walks for fun? Added bonus, good exercise       🙂

 I am taking part in two walks next weekend.  5km on Saturday and 8km on Sunday. I am so excited (happy dancing smiley)    😉  🙂

8 responses to “Another Sunday…

  1. If they had them at sunset I’d get to maybe one or two. I’m sooooo not a morning person. Tell me, have you guys got jacarandas on your side of the world yet?

    • No jacarandas around us. 😦

      Many of these walks actually start at 7 and 8 am. Especially the ones in Jhb (though on Sundays). The Pretoria ones are the ones that start earlier and on Saturdays.

  2. Well done. Very impressed with the two next week

  3. LOL…are you walking/running for fun or to take photos of the event. Well documented;-)

  4. I am not a morning person but I have been getting up at 6am these past few weekends to go and run. It’s just the best time of the day to do it and when it’s done, it’s DONE. That weather is PERFECT for walking or running. Tomorrow I’m running a 5km and Sunday is an 8km race. Both of them require me to be at the start line at 7am! Bloody madness.

    • Hope your races went well? 7am is good by PTA standards, most of the PTA races start before 7am, usually between 6am and 6.30am, which means you have to be at the start line just before 6am. (usually tough since I am not always a morning person too). My hubby thinks I am crazy.

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