In my town…

Day 22. In your town: Take a photo of something from where you live. It might be a building, people, park or something else.

Remember I said I was doing two races (or walks) this past weekend. I am proud to report I did the two (though ended up doing two 5km races instead of one 5km and one 8km). Feeling super fit and energized.

As you know, no walk is complete without some pictures to show (confession lots of pictures) .

A little slice of the city which I now call home

Waiting for the 5km fun race to start

Isn’t this just beauty at its best 🙂
For this, I would do a race here every day

Except that you have to deal with this  😉

Union Building (seat of govt) in the background if you look through the wires and poles 🙂

Spring is upon us for sure;-)

Beauty right in the middle of the city

Don’t you just love the purple peeking through all that green.
I do very much 🙂

More unexpected beauty


I support a different red English soccer team 😉

The weather couldn’t decide whether to be sunny or grey 😉

 Marcia, I took these 2 grey skies pictures just for you

Me at the finish line with some excess baggage (for my camera, phone, water bottle and sweater – race started at past 6am, weather was a bit nippy at the start)

Another 5km conquered

See why I love these walks, I get to experience my surroundings and the beauty that is South Africa  in a different light.  I wouldn’t notice these if I was in a fast-moving vehicle.

There was one street we walked on that you had to practically race down it otherwise you would fall. It was super hilly. I can just imagine a learner driver trying to come up hill on that road  or a not so good manual vehicle (recipe for disaster)

I sometimes wonder myself  whether I would enjoy doing the walks if I couldn’t take pictures as I go along  😉  ) Bet you know the answer 😉  🙂


 Hope you had a nice weekend?

Have a great week ahead


5 responses to “In my town…

  1. I love the photos of your walk especially those which are so green. So beautiful. Can’t believe that me and you live in such a beautiful city 🙂

  2. are you also in Pretoria? Arent the Jacarandas just stunning!!!!

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