Catch up…

Quick catch up on the photo a day challenge for Days 23, 24 and 25 using some pictures from my archives

Day 23. The view from here: Take a photo of your view from where you are. It might be your office, your home, traveling. The everyday can sometimes be very interesting.

None of these pictures were taken today. All taken in winter of 2011

View of the capital city from the Union Building

I can stare at this kind of view all day.

Cape Winelands in Winter. Beautiful blue sky and rolling hills, pure beauty 🙂

Day 24. Weather: Take a photo of the weather today. Let’s travel around the world with everyone’s weather photos.

Definitely not taken today, the sky is grey today

Day 25. People: It might be people you know or people you don’t. Take a photo of people.

Taken at an airport in West Africa. People going about their daily lives


Taken at a train station in South Africa at 6.49am 🙂


All these pictures except one was taken with my phone. Can you guess which one?

Hope you’ve had a good week thus far?