Blast from the past…

28. Looking back: Take a photo of something from your past, or from just behind you. Look back and take a photo

The view of the Marina from where I was staying

At the Scientific Center 🙂

Marine life at the Aquarium

Can’t remember what this building was, but I saw it, I liked it and I took a picture 🙂

Kuwait Skyline. Taking from a fast-moving vehicle

All pictures from a holiday to Kuwait a little under 2 years ago using a BB curve . You read right, it is the same Kuwait and it is the same BB curve (lighting does make a big difference when taking pictures with this cheap phone). I hope to visit there sometime again in future. I was pleasantly surprised.

How is your Sunday going?

Have a great week ahead


One response to “Blast from the past…

  1. lynettejacobs11

    Oy…my Blackberry would never take such pretty pictures.

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