The Journey…..

… of Santa’s Shoeboxes.

A big thanks to Marcia for raising awareness about this project on her blog. I initially signed up for 2 boys (I read that teenage boys were most likely to be the last to be selected or not selected at all) because I root for the under-dog. I got a bee in my bonnet (is that appropriate in this context, but you get the gist) and signed up for one teenage girl. I must confess the girl was very easy to shop for, my girl box was bursting at the seams. My 19-year-old sister even chipped in and bought a t-shirt for one of the teenage boys and helped with choosing a lot of stuff that went in the boxes. Plus I got a few colleagues to also sign up, but I think only one of them eventually did follow through – I know because I dropped off her box. I need to push harder next year

I documented the whole process  in pictures from start to finish.  NO SURPRISES there   🙂     😉

From plain old shoeboxes

The tools of the trade, ready for some action

to beautiful gift boxes

All wrapped and ready to be filled

Filled and ready for delivery

Close up 🙂

Enroute to delivery
The fourth polka dot was my friend’s pledge

On track, YIPPPPEEEE right venue

Are we there yet? 
we can pardon the mess in the background

Almost there

All 4 boxes sealed, signed, delivered (not a mistake, because I had to seal before signing)  🙂   😉
Notice my boxes on the table.

I have to tell you, it was a beehive of activities in this make-shift Santa’s grotto, but a very heart-warming one. Lots of people coming to drop off , most with multiple boxes.

I am looking forward to taking part and if possible volunteering at the drop off centre even if for a few hours next year.

Hope your Tuesday is going well thus far?


9 responses to “The Journey…..

  1. Your boxes look beautiful! I was also thinking of volunteering to help next year. I think the only thing our drop off was missing was a bit of background music. Santa’s workshop should be hopping to festive music I think? 😉

  2. pleasure! I’m going to do a thing on the blog sidebar next year to track the boxes. I LOVE THIS PROJECT! My personal goal is 5 next year. I want to increase by two every year – God will happily bless that, I do know it 🙂

    And your boxes look GORGEOUS!!!

    DId D email you? He took the books with him today?

  3. I love how much my Princess enjoyed filling “her” girls nox this year

  4. lynettejacobs11

    I am thankful to you and all the others that pack their boxes every year. The mission is one of the beneficiaries of what you are contributing to…and I can tell you that seeing the faces of the children is something to behold;-) Our teenagers are usually not included in this as there is usually not boxes for them…so you made a good choice.


  5. We did two boxes this year. I always try get a boy Jake’s age, because that’s easy to buy for. This year, Jake had to help do his own box. I also chose a 17 year boy, which was more challenging to buy for, but also fun. Someone else dropped my box off for me, but I did pop in to see the collection depot in the city centre – it’s unbelievalbe what these people are doing and I was so upset that I’d left my camera at home!!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Sue X

    PS. This is the first time in ages that I’ve actually been able to comment on your blog, for some reason it wouldn’t open a text box for me to type in. Sorry I’ve been quiet…

    • Good to have you back, hope you are back to perfect health now?

      Glad to know you also did it. First time I did and it was such a fulfilling task.

      That’s it, I also have the same issue with commenting on WP and I thought it was my version of Internet Explorer, it’s driving me crazy 😦

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