Let me start by apologising. I am having internet problems/issues.  I can’t comment on WP blogs something about the version of IE I have (by fluke once in a while I get it right and I comment) and BlogSpot I can’t access on my phone (when I click on a post, I get a blank white screen instead of the posts).  Expect some bumper comments once I am back in the internet age 🙂  😉

Anyway on to today’s heading. Day 31 of the Photo-A-Day Challenge is Whatever you please:  Today is free choice – take a photo of ANYTHING you like.

I had a whole different set of pictures that I planned to post but as I was walking into the office I just couldn’t resist taking these pictures of the gorgeous blue sky.

Cloudless Clear Blue Sky

Simply Stunning

Those are raw pictures as taken with my phone. No processing or correction of any kind. The sky was really that clear and blue when I was walking into the office. What you can’t see though from these pictures is that the wind was howling like (my poor doggies were terrified). I felt like I was going to be blown away. Seriously it was that bad. This would be a bad day to wear a floaty dress (think Marilyn Monroe).

Officially for today I live in the Windy Province. Is the wind as bad where you are?

6 responses to “Whatever…

  1. Yes, what is up with this wind today???
    Love the photos. Blue skies are the bomb.
    Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your internet and phone. Sucks 😦

  2. I am longing for blue skies…it has been very grey here lately…and wet!

  3. Not anymore – but it was a couple of nigths ago when the edge of Sandy touched Toronto!

    • Didn’t realise Sandy went that far, she’s a powerful one this Sandy 🙂

      • I think this storm is about size, not force. Its force was only one a scale of five; however, it was huge and there was something to do with atmospheric pressure that allowed it to bring 4-meter tides into Manhattan.
        So yeah, it reached as far as Toronto – a woman was killed by flying debris 😦

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