Day 2. Colours: Take a photo of a colour, or something colourful.

Before I show you something colourful, the view of the sky today.

Same view of the sky from the last 2 days. This is what it looks like today

Back to the challenge: Colours.  This challenge  was quite easy. The biggest challenge was deciding which of my numerous pictures to post.


Raindrops of Roses (and Whiskers on Kittens) 🙂 😉
Sound of music…


What did I do last summer ? – Take a picture of a plant in bloom in my garden.
Summer here is during winter in the northern hemisphere 🙂


I couldn’t resist taking this picture. Random ladies in colourful dresses taking pictures of themselves and me driving past taking a picture of them doing their thing. I just couldn’t resist  😉

 The above three pictures were my planned selection for the day (RED, ORANGE, YELLOW with some GREEN in the first picture), but alas the next two pictures literally dropped on my lap…

My colleague in a colourful get up. Wait till you see her shoes…

Dum. Dum.. Dum…

This is the definition of multi-coloured.
Serious colour blocking going on there 😉

Did you notice I used the colours of the rainbow for writing out colours….

The only way I know the colours of the rainbow is to use a mnemonic I was taught when I was in Primary School about 26 years ago  (now that I write that down, I feel very old)

ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)

Hope you have a colourful day ahead and a nice and restful weekend.


5 responses to “Colourful…

  1. You have a great memory if you can remember what you were taught, 26 years ago. Wow!
    Love the photos and love the one of where the ladies are taking photos of each other in the parking lot while you are passing them by, taking a photo of them 🙂 So funny.

  2. Wow that girl has a stunning outfit and shoes

  3. Love that outfit. She pulls it off sooooo well! And we were also taught that mnemonic. We actually had a song to go with it! Am trying to teach it to Child2 – he’s not interested.

  4. I love your colleague’s outfit…and your colourful photos.

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