Day 3. Breakfast: Yes. It’s time to take a photo of your breakfast. Get creative.

How creative can I get with Special K  cereal and Pronutro (I like the original wheatfree version) and lactose-free milk. That is what I have for breakfast most mornings  ( sometimes with a banana) and what I have had for breakfast for almost 3 years now. Booooring I know, but considering I used to skip breakfast, not bad.

What that means is no fancy or creative  breakfast pictures from me, but a few weeks ago I attended 2 women’s breakfast (within a few days of each other)  and this was the starter at both events, which I could not eat because I am lactose intolerant, but I got pictures   😉    😉

Fancy cup of yoghurt 🙂

Not another fancy cup of yoghurt 🙂

Inside the cup of yoghurt  above:-)

Hope your weekend is going as planned.

3 responses to “Breakfast…

  1. LOL! I usually skip breakfast…am always late and on the run.

  2. I’m not a big yogurt fan…these look pretty, but I’d rather have some bacon and eggs or toast. 😉

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