Day 7. Reflection: You could reflect back on life or take a photo of something reflecting, or even a reflection of yourself.

I have been busy busy busy hence no pictures for the past 2 days. And I don’t plan to do a catch up either.

Today’s challenge is REFLECTION

Commuters waiting for the train to pull up

What I was taking was the lights outside the train (those tiny white/coloured dots across the picture) but what I captured was the reflections of commuters on the way home in the train window and a sneak peek of the cover of the book I was reading on the day πŸ™‚

Same picture as above after a few people had got off at their stop πŸ™‚

Sun in the river πŸ˜‰

Lady in the white car, please don’t get too close to me πŸ˜‰


Hope your week has been good thus far. Have a goodΒ Wednesday and enjoy the rest of the week

PS: I am still battling with internet. I just can’t seem to comment on WP, it doesn’t bring up the text box and I am still having difficulties with most Blogspot posts. 😦


8 responses to “Reflection…

  1. I’m over 150 posts behind! AWESOME! πŸ™‚ And I’m really sticking to my 2 hour thing so I can actually get work done. Last night I actually worked on my articles for 2 hours.

    Love the commuters lining up for the train!

    ps i think the busy is this time of year. so I’m trying to update my PA on the system. Both IE and Firefox are not working – AWESOME! Which means stress PLUS a late night again!

    • Good to know I am not alone. I have done more mark all as read in the last few weeks than I care to remember. IE is actually driving me crazy. Maybe they are trying to force us to upgrade to the latest version

  2. How early do you take the train, that it’s still dark outside on that one photo?
    Love the one of the commuters.

  3. I love the first one of the commuters lining up.

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