Cleo & Nero…

Day 8. Something you do everyday: What’s something you do most days? Brush your teeth? Fix your hair? Write in your journal? Drive your car? Make dinner? Run? Share it.

I take pictures virtually everyday and I see my doggies everyday. They are so big now compared to when I first shared Pictures with you, but they are still puppies just very big puppies.

Typical Female Cleo giving me her best side for a picture…”   😉

Nero telling me “no more pictures again today”   Can I sleep in peace please

I have to tell you my dogs strike a pose most times I bring out my camera. I think they have realised they can hide but they can’t run my camera 😉

Hope you have had a good week? And your Thursday is going well


11 responses to “Cleo & Nero…

  1. LOL! Dogs with attitude.

  2. They are both precious! And very photogenic. 🙂

  3. They’re gorgeous 🙂

  4. The most beautiful faces, I just love these dogs!

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