All I want for Christmas…

… is you.  As sang by a popular musician.

I decided to join the Blogger Secret Santa this year being put together by The Stiletto Mum it promises to be fun. I can see the list of people participating  is already up to 90. That’s great.

The Rules are: 

· All names must be entered by 16 November 2012.
· I will email you your person by 21 November 2012.
· It’s a secret, the person you’re buying for may not be buying for you so be nice or you may get coal.
· Gifts must be under the value of R100 (pre postage – make sure to get a tracking number and forward it to me) if you want to spend more feel free, but if about the love that goes into the gift rather than the price.
· If you are no longer able to participate let me know asap.
· I will list all blogs involved as I receive them – last year we even had 2 non-bloggers, blog-followers and Tweeple are also invited. We want to GO BIG.
· Anther cute thing we did last year was a post about the things you like so that your Santa can get an idea of who you are. As soon as you have joined and did the post, email me the link to set up for you. If you are not a blogger, please so a little intro about yourself and what kind of things you like and email this to me in Word format. I will upload it on my blog as a post and link it to your name.
Email me c.l.coetzee@gmail dot com if you want to join in.


Confession I can be very indecisive when it comes to gifts and it takes me ages to buy gifts because I always aim to get what people like by doing some snooping around investigation.

Hopefully I am not too difficult to shop for considering it is just R100.  I always appreciate anything I am given, it’s the thought and effort that goes into getting the gift that counts.

That said all I want for christmas (I wish)

That is within the limit of R100 (I hope)

  • Plastic cooking spoons  –  it doesn’t have to be a full set, just solid plastic cooking spoons would be fine 
  • Voucher to learn how to decorate cakes or a DIY book on how to do this
  • An unusually big coffee mug. I had one that could take close to 750ml of liquid that recently broke. No regular cups or mugs please. I have enough of those  😉
  • Recipe Book (preferably for appetizers and desserts), but any recipe book  is fine
  • Rectangular Picture frame (preferably in  black or dark wood colour ) that can take multiple pictures or a multi set
  • Anything else not on the NO LIST

I could go on and on, but I won’t. To make life easier anything would be fine, but please if my secret santa is reading pretty please  NO make up,  rose smelling candles, body butter  (I want butter just in my food not on my body 😉  , hand creams, food or drinks of any kind (I only drink still water), fake silver plated or gold-plated costume jewellery, post it notes, no animal prints, no sweet-smelling or coffee smelling things (I know most people like sweet-smelling things, but I don’t) , those cream, spray, soap  etc gift sets that are common around this time of the year, Bath goodies (I take baths once or twice in a year, I am a quick shower girl), loofah,  chocolates (just because I am trying to lose weight), no HK or cartoon  anything

Now that I look at the list, I see the no list is probably longer than my wish list and almost everything is kitchen related. YIKES.

No post is complete without a picture…

Purple Orchids just for Santa…

Happy shopping

19 responses to “All I want for Christmas…

  1. the purple orchids pic is gorgeous!!!

    PEOPLE don’t buy her the mug – F, I think I have one for you (unused) – I’m not sure what volume of liquid it takes but it is ginormous 🙂 Will send with D.

    BTW, I’m finished with those bookshelves – I now have decluttered 52 books (half of those unread) and there are 84 I actually still intend to read. HAHAHAHA (that’s verging on hysteria). And that’s not counting Kindle books 🙂

  2. PS I love your no list – I think I should make one too. I’m not participating (do you think I should?)

    • Please join in, I think it would be fun. I spent a lot of time going through people’s wish list yesterday. It is as varied as there are many people 😉

  3. PPS I love that song! The Michael Buble version 🙂 We love our MB cd at Christmas 🙂

    • I actually don’t know that version, I have the Mariah version. I love Christmas songs. I even bought myself a Boney M one last year. Cheesy I know, but I just love it 🙂 😉

  4. I love that you made a “No list”. This way you can make sure you don’t get something you don’t wish for or can’t use.

  5. I think I need to make my family a NO list for Christmas. Wonderful idea.

  6. Oversized mugs rock! I spent a lot of time looking for a big one for my hubby – and actually did find one that was also like 750 ml, maybe even a liter… and didn’t buy it. I feared it was too big. Like a night pot 🙂

  7. I LOVE your YES and your NO list. I could NEVER drink out of an oversized mug…LOL, just the thought overwhelms me!

  8. Great lists! Hahaha, I had a nice giggle about the body butter bit. 😆

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  10. ha ha, the NO list had me in giggles, clever, they can’t say they weren’t warned or didn’t know 😀

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