In your bag

Day 15. In your bag: Take a photo of the inside of your bag. Or perhaps take out the contents and give us a full view of what you’re carrying around.

This is what I was carrying around a few minutes ago

Content of my bag close up

I am very “OCD -ish” about  gift presentation. If it can’t  be wrapped properly (by my standards that means fancy wrapping paper and bows from ribbons – ps- I don’t like those shiny ready-made bows you just stick on gift, I think they are tacky – but that is just me), I skip the wrapping and just place the gift in tissue..

Are you the same with gift presentation or are you more it’s the content that matters not the presentation type of person?

5 responses to “In your bag

  1. the presentation is VERY important to me!

    I like the look of things (most times) more than what’s in there 🙂

    ps pse stop changing your theme. I have to keep putting in my credentials.

  2. Very pretty!
    I am probably the worst gift wrapper ever but I am trying to be better.

  3. I am a terrible gift wrapper. I often just stick the gift into a gift bag and away we go. My best friend on the other hand always have such beautifully presented gifts that it makes me feel just awful…but I can’t change, guess the presentation of gifts are just not that important to me.

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