Noir et Blanc…

In simple language BLACK AND WHITE I couldn’t resist showing off the little, teeny, tiny French I know.

I am joining Marcia for this month’s photo challenge. The theme is Black &White (B&W)

Very exciting challenge, since I love  B&W pictures.  Recently, I learnt that the best tactic is to take pictures in colour because with picture editing softwares you can  change the colours of the pictures, but if you take in B&W you can’t turn it into colour. WHO KNEW…

A beautiful sunset

Peace be still…

Beautiful even if I say so myself 😉 🙂
Just had to combine it with the coloured version of the picture for your viewing pleasure…

More pictures of my sister and I goofing around during an evening stroll   😉

The first 3 pictures I took in colour and converted to B&W. The fourth was taken directly in B&W

This is a colour picture, but the weather was so gloomy and dreary this was how the pictures came out.
Just perfect for our B&W theme 😉

Those are my pictures for today.

My sister sent me this earlier this week and I thought how appropriate. She saw it on the floor in a shopping centre

hmmmm, still thinking about this statement…
Some useful (or not) information, Ted Grant was a Trotskyist (!*&#$)  born Isaac Blank in Germiston, South Africa on July 9 1913

And one last one, which I didn’t take but also couldn’t resist posting, because when I hear Black and White, I always think of TV. I am not that old though (just saying – 😉 😉   )

Those where the days…

Hope your Saturday is going as planned? Enjoy your weekend

8 responses to “Noir et Blanc…

  1. And I think of Michael Jackson’s “it’s black, it’s white” music clip where they all transform one into the other 🙂

  2. LOVELY!!!!! That was taken in Rosebank!

    The day I first had supper with you when I took the other pic I showed you, this one was also on that path from Woolies back into the mall.

    BTW, D has your bag of books and a little bookmark from me too. I made him put it in the car so he wouldn’t forget!

  3. I love the one of you and your sister goofing around. That one is the best one (in my opinion) in black and white 🙂

  4. I love love the sunset, its beautiful. I just linked my post, head on to my blog to comment.

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