Weekend Awesome Work Play…

The title of this post doesn’t really reflect my weekend , but rather it is the cues for the photo-a-day challenge for days 18, 19 and 20 November.

Day 18. Happened this weekend:

Take a photo of something you did this weekend. Perhaps it was just sleeping, or was it partying? Just shoot a part of your weekend and share it.

Last Saturday I took a 45 minutes walk around my neighbourhood just before 6am and I came across this carpet

Purple floor covering 😉

Me standing in Purple…

Day 19. Something Awesome:

Take a photo of something awesome in your life, or something rather awesome that you saw.

 I shared one part of it last week, this is another view from the 12th, just at a different time of the day

Another view from the 12th taken at sunset last Saturday

Isn’t this view just awesome.

And I just had to share another picture I saw in my archives. I understand now why my friends say I have always loved taking pictures.

A picture of the Union Building (Seat of Govt) I took in November 8 2006…

Day 20. Work/Play:  

You could use something like picframe to share two photos – one of what ‘work’ looks like for you, and another of what ‘play’ looks like for you.

WORK This is my workstation. I will spare you the mess that is the whole area and show you my pretty screen saver (LOL)

My beautiful work screen saver and not so beautiful work area in the background 😉

PLAY hmmmmm, what does play mean for me, these days (or like forever) taking random pictures

God’s window taken in December 2006

Ile de Goree (Goree Island), a small Island just off the coast of Dakar, Senegal taken in August 2008

Have a great day ahead

7 responses to “Weekend Awesome Work Play…

  1. Beautiful photos, as always. My favourite is the purple carpet one.

  2. love the view of the sunset but it’s not fair – i really want to see your desk!!!!

    ps d left early yesterday and is not in today either (sick)

  3. I love your photos….and that view is to die for. Come on show us your entire desk.

  4. The purple streets are so pretty at the moment 🙂

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