Day 21. What you wore: Take a photo of something you wore. Easy.

Confession 1 – My name is Mrs FF (it is my initials, my cousin’s wife started calling me by this name in 2007)

Flats (my train shoes as I like to call them). Good for running to catch a train when I am running late 😉
Picture taken in the train last night

After changing into my proper (work) shoes  for the day 😉

Average heel height of most of my shoes (3 to 4 inches)

Confession 2 – I don’t  and won’t wear sandals to work. I love pumps.

Going down the stairs after a good work out at the gym

 Confession 3 –  I always find a reason or reasons to buy new shoes.

Some recent excuses –

  • my knee is healing and the physio says I can now wear heels again (I think I got 4 shoes out of this excuse 😉 🙂
  • it was my birthday and I didn’t get myself any gift, so I got the thing I like best a new pair of heels…
  • I feel like I need a treat (better than chocolates)
  • I don’t have any  flat shoes (big lie, I have at least 5, just not the right one to me)
  • I don’t have that colour (it’s a different shade from the lots of black or brown I have)
  • I don’t have that heel height or  style
  • Those are walking trainers, I need a new one for running (pathetic considering, I hardly ever run)
  • Those are running trainers, I need a new one for step class
  • I am feeling much better (latest excuse after I had an op earlier this year)

Can you tell, I look for every excuse to buy shoes   😉   🙂

Are you as crazy about shoes as I am? Please tell me you are worse, even if to make me feel better 😉

Confession 4 – I think I am a shoe addict.

18 responses to “Confessions…

  1. I love shoes – but find it hard to buy something pretty AND comfortable. I blister easily and have a really wide foot. Finding good shoes is so tough! And I haven’t bought any since Timothy was born (and while preggo only bought comfy shoes like snickers, crocs and knock-off uggs). I am looking forward to shoe-shopping once I am back to being a working person!

    • Can I go shoe shopping with you please 😉

      I also have wide feet plus I wear size 10 to 10 1/2 US (8 around my side of the world) but I guess I’ve been lucky plus I buy shoes strategically nothing narrow. I’m also for comfort though I try to marry beauty and comfort 🙂

  2. I’ve never met someone who makes excuses to buy new shoes – lol. You are very original with all those excuses. I’m sure your hubby can’t say no to you when you through out those excuses.

  3. I love shoes too…but not those mile high stilettos. I love wedges and I have found Zando…enough said 😀

  4. Whats not to love about shoes?

    I have 3 drawers (in a filing cabinet) full of shoes – and I still don’t feel like I have enough. Sadly they don’t all fit anymore. My one foot seems to not be a number 7 anymore after Nicola, although the other one still is…I am actually not sure how to go about shopping for shoes now that I have two different size feet.

  5. Also FF, you are mad! But I suppose I’m like that with handbags………………. “:)

  6. Oh I love shoes, but possibly handbags more…. adn I am not great with heals and I love sandals at work

  7. I am 5’2″, and I have had a love affair with heels my entire adult life. Since I’m home with the girls, I don’t wear them as often, but I look for any excuse to pull them out. (You should see me dressed to the 9’s for a doctor appointment…HA!)

    I’ve recently found a couple of pairs of flats that I like, though. I always thought they made me look so stumpy, but these little half-tennis-shoes / half-casual-shoes seem to be in fashion now, so I just roll with it. They’re easy to slip on and off (which is huge loading and unloading the girls), and I actually like them.

    Your heels are gorgeous! So classic and stylish. And I think your list of justifications makes perfect sense. 😉

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha… Dressing to the 9’s to the doctor…

      Thank you. Finally someone who gets my excuses 🙂

      I am 5’5″ but my hubby is over 6′ hence my love affair with heels. Another excuse for shoes… Seems I can never run out of justifications 🙂 😉

  8. I LOVE shoes (especially heels!) and handbags. I actually can’t stand pumps. I have tried, but I just can’t. I don’t buy shoes very often. But when I DO decide to buy then I buy at least 7 pairs in one go. Drives my DH NUTS!

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