Three days…

Day 24. A sound you heard

What’s something you heard today? Children laughing? Birds singing? An alarm? Music? Share it.

Birds chirping somewhere between PE and CT (2006)

Calming waterfall (2011)

No amount of SOUND was going to wake up this Mr. from his slumber 😉 🙂   (2008)

The SOUND and smell of corn popping (last week)

Day 25. Sky

Take a photo of the skyThis was super fun, as you might be aware (or not) I am kind of obsessed with taking pictures of the sky

One view of the sky at sunset on 25th Nov

Another view of the sunset on 25th Nov

Some oldies…

CT 2006. Taken from the top of table mountain around 2PM, if my memory serves me right 🙂

Sunset in CT Dec 2006. It was almost 9pm when this picture was taken


26. In the cupboard

Take a photo of inside a cupboard. Be creative so it’s not as boring as it could be.

My office cabinet (TODAY)

Bottom layer inside my office cabinet. I am sure that is not what my employers expect, but hey I need my shoes to function properly 😉
Notice my train shoes peeking on the side

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Have a great week ahead.

Ps: I am in shock that this is the last week of November…


9 responses to “Three days…

  1. oh my hat – I love the shoes!!!! You are too funny!!! 🙂

    My cupboard is full of food 🙂 I’ll take a pic and mail you from the ipad

  2. I love looking at your photos…and my oh my, you have a great stash of shoes at work 😉

  3. Hahaha! Love the shoes, and the CT sunset one – and of course that is my most favourite waterfall of all so I immediately recognised it. 😀

  4. I’m also obsessed with taking pictures of the sky, love the softness of the clouds

  5. hahaha…I LOVE the shoes! My work cupboard has food and tampons and three varieties of pain tablets. And emergency make up and hand cream and moisturiser. Another lady always has spare pantihose in her cupboard.

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