7 Months…

… in the life of a FIG TREE

DAY 27. Tree: Take a photo of a tree. Again test out your creative bones. You could lie down on the ground and take a photo looking up. You could experiment with angles and filters. Have fun

The evolution of my fig tree through the seasons

April 27 2012

May 5 2012. Definitely Fall/Autumn

May 14 2012. Winter is knocking

June 9 2012. Winter is here
The first time my hubby saw this tree like this when we first moved into this house he wanted to have the tree cut down because he thought it was dead 😉 But the gardener we had at the time told him it’s a fig tree and it would be revived come spring

August 5 2012

September 9 2012 (spring is on the way, the leaves are coming out again)

September 15 2012. Spring is definitely here YAY

October 29 2012

7 months to the day  after the first picture was taken, I took the next two pictures …

Nov 27 2012

Close up on November 27 2012. Food for the birds

We don’t eat figs but when it is in full bloom we get lots of birds that come to feed and that is good enough reason for us to keep the tree alive… and usually a tell-tale sign that it is Summer.

Hope you had a nice week until now? Enjoy the rest of the week xxx


10 responses to “7 Months…

  1. Yum…green fig preserve.

  2. Me too! I love figs.
    (pretty please?)

    • OK Louisa, didn’t know figs were this popular, (never eaten them before) my neighbour has an even bigger tree and the fruits go to waste too. Though I have no idea when the right time to pick them are, because if I wait for them to drop it means the birds would have visited 😉

  3. Mmm, I am also not 100% sure, but if I remember correctly they change colour at the bottom of the fruit (or flower…it’s really a flower).

    Now I just need to figure out how to get them from you. Seriously, you and your neighbour are sitting on a fortune there…have you seen what figs go for fresh in the shop?! Probably not, they’re that scarse.

  4. My mom also have a fig tree in her yard. Lovely to eat them.

  5. I LOVED this set of pics. In fact, you have inspired me to plant a fig tree. I am sooooo planting a fig tree. Soon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE figs!

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