Lac Rose…

Day 28. Vehicle: Take a photo of a car, bus, boat, plane or another type of vehicle.

Pictures taken in Dakar, Senegal (the western most tip of Africa) in 2008. 

en route to view a marvel of nature
Some pruning would be in order though 🙂

Working boats on the shore of the Pink Lake

A salt collector in the middle of the lake

Close up of the water looks like in the afternoon

In case you are wondering the water is not dirty and colour of the lake is no photography trick.

Read on to learn a little bit about the Pink Lake or Lac Rose (as the locals call it) 

“The water in Senegal’s Lake Retba or Lac Rose (PINK LAKE) always seems to have a pinkish hue to it. However, during the dry summer months when the saline levels are high and you will see it turn strawberry pink and sometimes, even red. The good news is that the colour is not the result of chemicals being dumped in the lake but nature, working its magical tricks! 

Located in the Cape Vert Peninsula that lies north-east of Senegal’s capital Dakar, the lake’s unusual appearance is caused by a salt-loving green micro algae called Dunaliella Salina that resides in the lake, known for its high concentration of the mineral. 

As you can imagine, very few organisms can survive in such highly saline conditions. The only reason this single-celled organism is able to do so, is because of its ability to create large amounts of Beta-Carotene, that helps protect it against the intense light that reflects off the salt and also gives the algae its dark pink hue. 

While the colour may make the lake appear eerie and unsafe, the micro organism is safe not only to swim amidst, but also, consume – Good news for the locals that are constantly wading in to mine the salt. In fact, the algae are so rich in antioxidants that they are often harvested and used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. “

“In order to protect their skin, the salt collectors rub their skin with Shea butter to avoid tissue damage due to prolonged exposure to the water.”
A little Geography (and tiny bit of biology) lesson for Thursday       😉

Isn’t nature just absolutely awesome?

Now you know why this post was written in PINK


5 responses to “Lac Rose…

  1. Wow, isn’t nature magnificent?

  2. That’s so interesting regarding the lake. Thanks for sharing

  3. Amazing! Never heard of it – thank you for sharing!

  4. Gosh, that is amazing. I LOVE pictures of boats btw..

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