Something Green…

Day 14. Something green: Find something green in your travels today and take a photo to share.

I can’t believe there are 17 days left before the curtains fall on 2012.

In this season, easy peasy, but these are from the archives

A Park right in the middle of the city

A Park right in the middle of the city

I like this picture very much, I like the way it turned out

Capturing a part of the city through the green leaves 🙂

Let the long weekend and official start of the Christmas holiday begin 🙂

What ever you do this long weekend (for those in SA), have fun and be safe  xxx

5 responses to “Something Green…

  1. Love the photos you took. Tell me, do you edit your photos? If not, did you ever consider editing them before?

    • Thank you. I edit sometimes though usually just cropping and sometimes autocorrect (nothing fancy), a snip there and a cut here, but most times I actually don’t do anything. The pictures in this post I didn’t do anything to them.

  2. I really like that second one!

  3. The 2nd one is my FAVOURITE! I have a wedding tomorrow – my sisters and then on Sunday I plan to do NOTHING ALL DAY except hang out with Rose. Monday is a carols by candle light picnic late in the afternoon/early evening.
    Hope you have a great long weekend.

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