Summer Heat…

I know most people like summer but I don’t, the heat makes me sick, I sneeze almost non-stop (worse when I wake up in the mornings), develop a headache every time I get in the sun (which is unavoidable in this weather) and I’m exhausted all the time.

And in the last few weeks, it’s been hot which means by the time I get out of bed there’s a pile of used tissues on my side table (and depleted more trees than I care to think about, sorry TMI).

So you know now why I just don’t love summer no matter how much I try šŸ˜¦

Today was no exception, it was hooooooot and thank heavens my pool is back to live and ready for a much needed dip to cool off

How was your weekend?

My pool is back to life

My pool is back to life

A much required swim to cool down

A much required swim to cool down


6 responses to “Summer Heat…

  1. I have also been developing headaches with the heat. I now travel with Nurofen in my bag and pop two as soon as I feel it coming. It helps A LOT. And I still take my antihistamine so am not having any issues with the sneezing etc. Sounds like you may have a post nasal drip? You can take a course of Demazin for it. Six tablets over six evenings. Works like a charm.
    I have a friend who uses a hanky because of the tissues/tree thing. I told her that I am happy for her to save the environment but I think that hankies are gross and unhygienic and I will just continue to use tissues.
    Your pool looks BEAUTIFUL. I told Lance that the next house we get MUST have a pool. Or at least enough space for us to build a nice-sized one.

  2. Hi thanks for your comment on my blog šŸ™‚ Keep your body hydrated – drink plenty of water – helps with headaches. Different pollens in the air also causes headaches – for me anyway – I also have a problem with puffy eyes when the pollens change
    Happy New Year to you and your family

  3. I love spring and autumn for exactly that reason…not too hot…not too cold…just right! And beautiful displays by nature too.

  4. I love summer and generally have no problem with the heat. However even I have been battling this year. Thankfully my DH overrulled me last year and put an airconditioner in our house. I thought I would hate it but find that I am now the one that turns it on first.

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